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Industries Ripe for the Adoption of Artificial Intelligence – Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog, we talked about five industries – including Marketing, Sales, Research and Development, IT Operations, and Human Resources – that are ready to embrace Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In this blog, we will outline five more industries prepared to ride the digital wave of Artificial Intelligence.

Contact Centers

The contact center of an organization is one of the areas to have already adopted Artificial Intelligence. Organizations that have leveraged Artificial Intelligence consulting services to integrate AI into their businesses in the right way are the ones that harness AI to augment their operations rather than replace humans. These centers gather a large amount of data to learn more about their clients, analyze customer behavior, and predict the “next best action” for their users to ensure better customer engagement. In addition, machine learning can be used to analyze the unstructured data collected from contact centers to identify customer trends and then enhance products and services.

Building Maintenance

Another industry to benefit from AI technology is Building Maintenance. The technology is enabling facilities managers to optimize the use of energy and for the comfort of occupants. Building automation, which involves the use of AI to manage buildings and control lighting and heating or cooling system, leverages internet-of-things devices, and sensors to track buildings.


Many companies, such as Heineken, use data analytics at every step of their manufacturing process – from the supply chain to inventory tracking. Predictive intelligence can help anticipate demand and improve the production while sensors on equipment can predict maintenance needs. AI helps identify and address areas of concern in the manufacturing process, preventing them from turning into costly issues.

Accounting and Finance

Many organizations are utilizing digital transformation strategy consulting services for AI use-case identification and solution implementation, realizing how technology can help alleviate the cost and enhance efficiency. According to Accenture Consulting, robotic process automation can be a great solution for the accounting and finance industry. While it can free-up finance professionals from repetitive tasks and reduce human errors, it can also provide real-time status of financial matters since it can track communication using natural language processing.

Customer Experience

According to Forbes, top fashion brands like Burberry are harnessing the potential of AI to enhance sales and customer relationships. The company uses loyalty and reward programs to collect shoppers’ data and then uses this data to offer customized recommendations to its customers – whether they shop online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

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