Operating Model Transformation

Is your organization aligned with the rapidly evolving digital economy? The need to become digitally savvy and achieve mastery is not an option anymore, but rather a necessity. According to a survey by a global business publication, digital masters drive significantly higher levels of profits, productivity and performance – they generate 26% more profit than their average industry competition, and they generate 9% more revenues with their existing physical capacity.

Millennial Partners’ operation model transformation advisory services are built around helping organizations build a sustainable growth-oriented operating model with effective processes and technologies supported by the human capital.

We do an assessment of your digital maturity as part of the discovery phase. Thereafter, we work with the management in helping build the digital vision of the organization as part of the future state designs and recommend a digital transformation roadmap. With our ever increasing focus on the emerging technologies such as cloud computing, blockchain and AI, we drive the program management office to achieve your digital transformation milestones.

We will bring thought leadership to define the final product (related requirements), set milestones, engage vendors, supervise development / implementation while working with all stakeholders to ensure change management and delivery of the final product through its go-live and beyond.

Our team consists of MIT certified digital transformation strategists, blockchain and AI experts with strong project management (PMP) and technology implementation skills, having delivered large digital transformation, blockchain and AI related projects in the US, UAE and the Far East with some major blue chip Fortune 100 clients across major industries.

We can help you see the impact of the digital wave on your operating model and how to best embrace the disruptive technologies such that you can sustainably grow your business. Drop us an e-mail on our dedicated digital transformation e-mail ID: d.t@millennial.ae

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Business Model Reinvention

Re-innovating the business

Reinventing Industries

  • Superior customer experience
  • Optimize internal operations
  • Access to wider distribution channels
  • Create significant barriers to entry through network effects

Substituting Products

  • Digitized version of the product or services

Creating Digital Vision

  • Extend the existing product & service line through digital

Reengineer Processes

  • Use technology to connect all your products, services and information

5 Step Process

Re-innovating the business

Stage 1

Design Thinking
  • Secure management commitment
  • Define clear goals 
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test

Stage 2

Building Digital Culture
  • Identify digital drivers
  • Leverage digital ambassadors
  • Communicate via influencers
  • Involve business natives

Stage 3

Leverage Technology
  • Use social technology
  • Mobile Applications
  • Leverage cloud technology

Stage 4

Manage Data
  • Building analytics
  • Big data
  • Real time dashboards

Stage 5

Reap Rewards
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Improved customer satisfaction 
  • Increased lead gen/sales
  • Management visibility 
  • Cost rationalization