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Need for an Effective AI Strategy to Fuel Business Growth during Crisis – Part 2

In the last part, we studied how an effective AI strategy can play a crucial role in recovering from the adverse consequences of an unexpected event. In this part, we will study the strategic areas that need to be taken into consideration to devise a successful AI digital transformation strategy to prepare a business for recovery and growth.

2 Key Strategic Areas to Consider for a Successful AI Strategy

  • Discover and Develop New Business Competences Powered by AI

A well-planned response to a crisis is crucial to scale business growth. To counter the market turbulences and develop a measured comeback, businesses need to identify the remodeling needs of customers. Following this, appropriate measures can be taken by kinetic competitors and markets to reciprocate to them.

Today, businesses with physical offerings are shifting to digital twin solutions to limit the physical contact and curb the spread of the Coronavirus. By combining enterprise AI solutions and AI-powered digital platforms, businesses must step beyond their comfort zones and analyze places where value can be derived.

  • Integrate AI into Core Business Prototype

Businesses that fail to implement effective AI strategies into their operations are more likely to limit their ROI. A careful end-to-end view of business operations is preemptive to recognize areas for AI integration.

The current black swan event characterized by the Coronavirus is opined to bring an ecosystem-level change. Businesses that would devise a digital transformation strategy with AI integration to reset and rescale the plan and operations would eventually earn huge profits. In the long term, embedding AI into core functional areas would radically increase efficacy in operations.

Embrace Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Solutions from AI Consulting Specialists

An effectual AI strategy to recover from the COVID-19 crisis surpasses building lightweight, beta mode algorithms or addressing ad hoc business trends or problems. Partnering with a leading AI consulting specialist would help businesses revive and rise back stronger.

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