Industries ripe for the adoption of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises a new age of disruption and productivity, where human intellect is augmented by speed and accuracy. The technology has the potential to offer profound results across various industries – including healthcare, construction, real estate, and more. Many industry leaders have realized the potential of AI and are leveraging Artificial Intelligence consulting services to integrate AI into their business operations.

Here are 5 industries that are ready to embrace Artificial Intelligence.

  • Marketing

Marketing companies can harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence to devise better and well-informed marketing strategies. AI categorizes customers as per their interest or demographic and marketing companies can capitalize on this opportunity to target ads to their customers based on their browsing, consequently providing their customers with what they are seeking. In addition, the power of AI can be leveraged through chatbots that can help solve problems, suggest products or services based on customer interaction, and support sales.

  • Sales

Artificial Intelligence can equip sales professionals with actionable insights that can enhance the sales function. AI improves sales forecasting, anticipates customer needs, and enables better communication. Additionally, AI-enabled machines facilitate time management for sales professionals, simplifying it for them to identify who they need to follow up with and which customers are easy to convert.

  • Research and Development

Nearly every industry – such as pharmaceutical, healthcare, finance, agriculture, and more –is involved in research and development (R&D). Artificial Intelligence can automate various tasks and forge the path for novel discoveries as well as better ways to deliver improved products and services. Companies involved in R&D can harness digitaltransformation consultancy services to integrate AI into their businesses for more strategic and effective operations.

  • IT Operations

AI for IT operations, also referred to as AIOps, is the application of machine learning and data science to IT operations problems. AI can be used for IT system log file error analysistogether with IT systems management functions, and automate various routine processes. The technology can help identify issues upfront, helping IT professionals to proactively fix them before they lead to any serious problem.

  • Human Resource Management

AI has the potential to revolutionize various human resource activities – from recruitment to talent management. It can not only boost efficiency or alleviate the operational cost by automating repetitive tasks but do beyond this. AI-powered robots can interview candidates for any job position. In addition, AI can assist the human resources department with data-driven decision-making, thereby simplifying the recruitment process.

Take away

AI has immense potential to transform nearly any industry. More businesses are embracing AI and are generating real rewards from them. However, unlocking those benefits requires visionary leadership and the right technical partner.

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