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How is Blockchain Accelerating Digital Transformation – Part 2

When talking about digital technologies poised to bring the next biggest industrial revolution, blockchain cannot be overlooked. Blockchain is one of the most dominant technologies that is opined to have a radical impact on businesses and industries. Top businesses have already partnered with enterprise blockchain consultants to prepare for a better tomorrow.

In our previous blog, we covered the two roles of blockchain in accelerating digital transformation. Let us discuss the potential of disruptive digital ledger technology in fueling digital transformation.

  • Blockchain as an ideal framework for connectivity and networking

Connectivity and communication never got this much priority as they got in the digital era. Internet of Things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence are some of the digital technologies helping businesses in developing completely connected digital ecosystems.

With connectivity, comes the problem of data handling as better connectivity generates more data. Blockchain, the infallible digital ledger technology, has the potential to record data securely and transparently, leaving linear digital footprints. This makes blockchain an ideal architecture for advanced connectivity.

  • Blockchain redefining the traditional supply chain

In the coming years, the supply chain is going to undergo a myriad of redefining episodes. Costs, complexity, lack of speed, etc. remain the major pain points of the conventional supply chain models. Businesses can leverage blockchain integration and business process transformation advisory solutions to overcome these pain points and improve their operational efficiency.

Blockchain, with decentralization at its core, has the potential to bring the utmost transparency to the supply chains. From raw material procurement to closing the deal with the customer – all transactions can be recorded and tracked on an incorruptible digital ledger at lower costs. The greater transparency simplifies and expedites operations, making the supply chain more efficient than ever.

Final Thoughts:

Other than the two mentioned above, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies are solutions offered by blockchain technology that are dominating digital transformation conversations. Seeing the incomparable potential and efficiency of blockchain, we cannot deny the fact that although blockchain is in its infancy stage, it has a huge role in digital transformation.

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