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How can blockchain become a building block for next-gen healthcare services

Blockchain can be identified as a consensus-based immutable, secure, and decentralized database technology that holds significant potential to fortify the different commercial and non-commercial sectors. The disruptive technology has already been revealing remarkable revamping abilities while it is being integrated into several industries. Market forerunners of numerous industries have already started reaping rewards with the help of business transformation consulting services.

Blockchain bears the potential to be the next best thing in Healthcare. It is now the turn of the healthcare sector to adopt this sensational distributed ledger technology. According to BIS Research, the global medical market expenditure on the blockchain is expected to reach USD 5.61 billion by 2025.

Top 2 ways in which blockchain technology promises supernormal upsurge in efficiency through its integration into the current healthcare scenario

It is opined that the blockchain revolution would steer the conventional glitch-rich medical scenario to the next-gen efficient echelon.

  • Healthcare Data Distribution and Management

The US reports medical errors as the third big reason behind the fatalities. The reason is very clear. During the lifetime of a patient, he submits his crucial medical reports and details to various health institutions and due to the absence of a common data management system, the mass integration of data related to a patient’s health history becomes a fiasco.

Subject matter experts offering business transformation consultancy services suggest that immutable blockchain technology can enable the sharing of the same data to an unlimited number of parties with just an “add to” access. No party can delete a record permanently and all this efficiency comes with utmost security, promptness in operations, and cost-efficiency.

  • Medicinal Drug Development and Supply Chain Monitoring

Despite regulatory restrictions and certificate compulsion, second-rate drug manufacture has acquired a large proportion of the US drug market. On the other hand, if we talk about the developing countries, 1 in every 10 medical products is found to be counterfeit. The problem is incapacitating the drug market and is standing as a risk to global healthcare.

Top-notch digital transformation consultancy services suggest that globally adopted blockchain can improve the traceability and transparency to a large degree. From impeding of falsified certifications to connecting the strands of unalterable data, blockchain can instill an unparalleled level of efficiency in operations.

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