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Blockchain technology in fintech

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    Bharti Prajapati

    Even if blockchain does not solely concentrate on financial services, this article focusses on fintech firms using this technology to enhance their stack. First, let us identify the differences between the three primary blockchains before delving into the particulars of this decentralised ledger. Blockchain, an original word, is indeed an unbelievable invention. Originally the brainchild of Satoshi Nacamoto that started this technology in bitcoin. Nacamoto is a pseudonymous person or persons who developed bitcoin, and also authored the bitcoin white paper. It is a digital business transaction leader that cannot be manipulated or altered. It is designed to record not only financial but all other activities with a set value. This technology enables the distribution and copying of digital data across different nodes. Any wrong change or modification will alter the hash connections, and it is easy to detect a malfunction. This is because of the complicated and intricate cryptography behind it.

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