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(Audiobook) The Children of Eternity (Tears of Heaven) by Kenneth Zeigler

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    The Children of Eternity
    A Novel

    (Tears of Heaven, #4)
    by Kenneth Zeigler

    📕 The Children of Eternity – READ MORE 📕

    • ISBN: 9780768441468 (0768441463)
    • Language: english
    • Author: Kenneth Zeigler
    • Publisher: Destiny Image Fiction
    • Genres: fiction
    • Format: paperback, 350 pages
    • Series: Tears of Heaven, #4
    • Release date: June 19, 2012

    About The Book

    Adventures in Heaven What happens to those who were not “left behind”? What is Heaven like for those who call it home? 

    Christopher looked up in alarm as a shattered dagger, its cloaking device destroyed, plunged toward the demon ranks not far away. He focused all of his Holy Spirit born power upon the battered ship. It nosed up and was carried as if in a child’s hand to another part of the valley where it gently touched down. He was relieved to see the pilot and the navigator escape from the craft and safely reach an advancing column of the Monrovian military. — Children of Eternity  Christopher, Jerry, Jonathan, and Lilly are caught up in the War in Heaven and find themselves coming of age as they battle to rescue more than 300 citizens of Heaven captured by Satan. In the process, they discover the faith and power within themselves. Then they must face off against the master of lies himself to rescue a lost soul from her terrible torments in Hell. From the beauty of Heaven’s Crystal Sea to the darkness of Hell’s Sea of Fire, these brave young people stand between life and death to battle not only the dark angels but their haunting pasts as well. This is the fourth book in the bestselling Tears of Heaven series. Heaven and Hell first told the story of the journey of Chris and Serena Davis; then The War in Heaven chronicled Abaddon the Destroyer; and Rise of the Beast featured Hell on Earth as a pseudo faith in world unity and peace brought darkness worldwide.

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