FinTech & Blockchain

Financial Services

This decentralized and borderless remittance payment platform works on a blockchain network where digital assets are transactionenabled in real-time with extremely low transaction fees to provide instant settlement.


A DApp that allows a developer to create an opensource project and invite other developers to contribute to solutions for various problems. Based on the code submissions, code reviews and upvote/down- vote by other users, the coins will be distributed to developers, reviewers, and voters.


A decentralized record management system. The application manages authentication, confidentiality, accountability and data sharing, crucial considerations when handling sensitive information.

Real Estate

The application was developed for Insurance companies to bring in the transparency and immutability to users‘ data. The application will help insurance companies to use simple KYC, therefore saving their time. In addition, users can get their KYC approval instantly.


Peer-to-peer micro-lending platform A Decentralized coin and Decentralized Smart Contract Peer To Peer Micro-Lending Platform with a Merchant Ecosystem. The platform (Web/Mobile/App) enables the lending and borrowing of funds, in the form of coins, in exchange for Currency. The platform allows the Merchants and Businesses to join the platform to receive more business paid in the form of coin.

Real Estate

The Land record management system is aimed at digitizing the records and improving communication between land management departments.