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In the case of a company that is stagnant, in danger of becoming so, or in actual trouble, new thinking is essential, and it will not come from someone who “knows how things are done” without questioning them. Even a company that is growing is eventually going to slow and stagnation of growth lags stagnation of thinking as momentum continues eve…Read More
There is something reassuring about hiring someone who already knows it all and can “hit the ground running.” Sadly, someone who has spent too much time in a single industry may actually be a high risk hire if the company wants new thinking or someone capable of dealing with change. When we hear that someone has “25 years experience in this indus…Read More
Finance is one of the most massive regulatory systems in the sector. Financial organisations are currently leveraging new technology, gathering vast information, and using self-service batteries. Regulations in this industry must, therefore, improve naturally. Both in the USA and Europe, regulators are looking for fresh ways to regulate the…Read More