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4 Key Business Processes Essential for Business Growth

While mapping out the business processes for engineering/reengineering, businesses may leverage various processes based on the level of granularity and type of business. However, without professional business process engineering advisory services, businesses might not be able to exploit the processes for maximized output.

Here are the key business processes pivotal to enterprise growth.

  • Product development

A product is the heart and soul of an enterprise. Business planning does not begin and end with the product, but the customer.

This business-critical process would always have a scope for improvement as markets are highly disruptive due to volatile customer’s preferences and competitor’s upgrades. By persistently eyeing the dynamic external factors and staying close to capricious customers, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and devise suitable policies for product development.

  • Sales process

A product is nothing without a motive of earning profits and that’s where sales play its role.

Many professionals offering business process transformation advisory suggest that this process is a collection of various crucial processes that contribute to closing a deal. The process involves optimization of a buyer journey at several levels- from qualifying a lead and crafting convincing pitch deck to driving customer towards the sale.

  • Procurement

Simply stating, the procurement process involves selecting the right vendors and establishing payment terms, strategic examination, negotiations, and purchase.

A well-documented, scalable, and profitable procurement process fetches prosperity for enterprises by capacitating recognition, evaluation of opportunities of more cost, time, and resource-efficient strategies. By leveraging an effective procurement process, businesses can ensure cost reduction, quantity discounts, and quality assurance.

  • Customer support

The customer support process must be formally streamlined to achieve high efficiency and low complexity. Simplicity is the essence of an ideal customer support success.

Even if a customer acquires the complete knowledge of a product during the sale, the process doesn’t end. The same conduct is required when the customer seeks support while finding an issue using the product.

The aforementioned are the four core areas, that if engineered\reengineered strategically, can contribute to overall business growth. By embracing the services of the best business process engineering advisory providers, businesses can construct a well-developed plan and process the above-mentioned crucial business processes.

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