3 Reasons to Deploy a Customer-Focused Digital Transformation Strategy

Over the years, most businesses have matured in the digital spectrum and embraced advancement in operations. While everyone is fighting for that particular locus, it is the customer experience (CX) that leaves a lasting impact on the fate of a business. No matter how impatient the customer is, businesses have to address the soaring expectations and devise the most optimal customer-first approach.

At the same time, it is imperative to seek qualitative digital transformation advisory service.

Here’s a quick run-through of the findings from different research institutions backing the practice of a customer-centric strategy at the enterprise level.

• According to a report by IDG issued in 2019, the success of digital transformation would be gauged by a business’s ability to deliver exceptional customer experience and boost worker productivity through technological integration.

• Another 2018’s study by KPMG talks about the fact that value should lead the way for the digital transformation of an organization. It also mentions that 67% of 300 surveyed business leaders believed agility is the most priced asset of an organization.

• KPMG’s Global Manufacturing Outlook 2018 also mentions that intensified connectivity among manufacturers, suppliers, and customers induced by digital transformation would cause a positive impact on the businesses. CEOs and innovation experts are already partnering with business process transformation advisory to build solutions that make the most out of these opportunities.

Enterprises must look forward to hone their ability in deciphering customer expectations and deliver a superlative experience. It is opined that AI and machine learning would help businesses make the processes more customer-centered.

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