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How should businesses prepare for VAT implementation in Oman?

In our previous blog, we studied in brief about the Oman VAT implementation that is scheduled for early 2022. Imran Mushtaq, the indirect Tax Director, VAT lead for PwC in Oman recommended businesses to plan and budget for VAT, assuming the treatments in other implemented states as an indicator for possible execution conduct in Oman.

Here are some of the ideal steps that businesses must be headed toward:

  • Scoop out a VAT working team from the individuals working for your organization

Other than hiring a professional group of consultants for VAT specialist advice, businesses should appoint an internal VAT team to scrutinize VAT developments and confirm the inclusion of VAT in future budget and other execution plans.

  • Spread VAT awareness

Businesses must ensure that appropriate steps are undertaken to educate employees about the potential scope, technicalities, and terminologies related to the upcoming VAT taxation.

  • Record transactional course comprehensively

Being a transaction tax, the new taxation regime is going to have an undeniable impact on transactional businesses. As each transaction would prompt a VAT-related outcome, a comprehensive business environment should be planned accordingly to address the upcoming changes. Maintaining a transaction chronicle diligently in advance may be one of the good practices to help prepare for possible VAT treatments.

  • Contractual revisions & contract reviews

Contractual terms must be revised and previous contracts must be reviewed to ensure that they comply with the probable VAT conduct.

  • Check IT infrastructure for compliance

The VAT implementation schedule coincides with a widespread trend for greater adoption of advanced technologies and digitized processes. Businesses leveraging digital transformation advisory service to devise their digitization strategy should now coordinate their plans for VAT implementation too. While IT systems are being evaluated for advanced digitization capabilities, they should also be assessed to see whether they can prepare and issue VAT compliant invoices and returns.

  • Recognize the right resources for better preparation & implementation

Businesses must partner with seasoned industry consultants having an impressive history of working with GCC clients for VAT implementation. They must be all set to design VAT implementation roadmaps in advance by coordinating with VAT advisory specialists.

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