Strategy, Operations and Emerging technologies focused advisory service for Middle East's growing SME segment

Millennial Partners is a manifestation of our vision to build a transformation focused client-centric management consulting firm. We're actively helping mid-sized organizations in the UAE understand complexities around digital economy & transformation, disruptive technologies, regulations and compliance.

Strategy &


Is your organization faced with the following operating challenges?

Severely saturated market space e.g. fast approaching an accelerated commoditization of your products / services, increasing price wars and resulting shrinking profit margins? Local market unable to provide enough scales? Worried that your competition in conjunction with disruptive technologies will further hurt margins in the long term?

These are the complex issues that require a major strategic shift  through re-creation of markets & boundaries. We will help you discover your blue oceans through all phases including grounds up actionable research, ideation, followed by a execution strategy, roadmap and implementation.

Operating Model Transformation


Our execution support remains critical through client's transformation initiatives. We work on understanding your existing business model and assess for technology optimization and resulting business process re-engineering needed to achieve effective digital strategy.


Our focus in 2019 and onwards will be on helping clients with the understanding and deployment of disruptive digital technologies such as blockchain & AI. Our blockchain team consists of MIT certified blockchain and digital transformation strategists, blockchain experts with strong project management (PMP) and technology implementation skills. They have delivered large digital transformation, blockchain and AI related projects in the US, UAE and the Far East with some major blue chip Fortune 100 clients across major industries.


Governance &



Our seasoned consulting executives bring a combined experience of over 60 years in the areas of corporate governance and excellence. We will evaluate your corporate governance standards and give you a free opinion on areas to improve to avoid any unforeseen governance violations.


Our highly qualified tax consultants are prepared to review your business processes, enable your complete VAT readiness followed by periodic filing reviews and help with the interpretation of complex UAE VAT laws to ensure full compliance. To learn more about our VAT related services​.

Your comfort in your financial reporting comes from fully understanding your accounting cycle, accounting practices and internal control processes all contribute to the quality of your financial reporting. An area where we provide stewardship to clients.


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