High-priority areas for transformation


Operating Model

Is your business model well positioned to help you achieve targeted growth over the next 5 years?


The rapid digitization necessitates a digital approach to running enterprises whether your focus is B2B or a B2C.


Please learn more about our operation model transformation advisory practice and how we help clients achieve digital transformation by re-aligning all existing business processes for the industrial revolution 4.0


Beyond Digital

Organizations that have achieved digital maturity are now looking to transcend more digitally advanced frontiers to further optimize organizational workflow and drive down costs.


This brings us to the areas of the emerging technologies like blockchain, AI and IOT. We navigate our clients’ journeys through mission-driven digital transformation strategy consulting and represent some of the leading technology providers in each of these areas. Please visit our completed projects section to learn more about our impact in this area.

Who we are



We have served clients with organizational re-design assignments as part of our clients’ transformation initiatives and worked with diverse client organizations across geographies and helped with aligning stakeholders’ interest in future state design.



Our process re-engineering experience enables us to evaluate processes and operations in a more structured and objective fashion with an eye towards minimizing redundancies and costs in the future state business model.



Our technology and digital strategy teams are certified and experienced in the implementation and roll-out of new digital transformation services and platforms including blockchain and AI.

Strategy & Planning



Our cross-industry and functional experience working in multiple jurisdictions has enabled us to gain in-depth understanding of the market.



We help implement KPIs across all process areas and then gauge performance metrics over a period of time to deliver digital transformation advisory service for operational and non-operational improvements.



We bring industry-leading practices such as rolling forecast methods, robust scenario-based what-if analysis and reporting mechanism that allow management with full visibility of the organization through BI platforms and dashboards.



We can assist you with any complex valuation exercise in an environment where a transaction is being contemplated. We can perform cash flow-based valuations of your going concern entity or other valuation based methods including comparable approach.

Operating Model Transformation

digital transformation

Digital transformation

An emerging area where we help your organization with building a digital vision. We follow a digital transformation roadmap accompanied with full execution support as part of the project management office.


Post-acquisition integration

Our rich experience working with fortune 100 clients on their post-acquisition integration activities has helped us understand the challenges in the post deal close scenario.

program management

Program management

We can help drive the program management office as your organization embarks on digital transformation journey and oversee aspects such as stakeholder management, vendor analysis and keeping project on track for completion.


Re-engineering Process

We review your existing process flows and highlight gaps and then design future state process flows that alleviate the existing gaps across people, processes and technology. We have performed business process re-engineering exercises for a slew of clients.

blockchain technology

Blockchain Technology

Our understanding of this novel technology and its application across various industry areas enables us to deliver the best consultancy for enterprise blockchain. We work with your organization in identifying the use-cases and then we select a vendor from our preferred vendor list of blockchain technology partners to navigate your blockchain development journey.


Artificial Intelligence

Another key area of emerging technology where we have built an ecosystem of AI vendors who can help us deliver robust AI solutions for clients in areas such as sales and customer service improvement and building an overall improved customer intelligence.

Industries Served

Experience across a wide range of verticals including construction, government, energy, retail, real estate and FMCG


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Financial Services

We continue to serve two UAE based banks on their overall compliance standards and tax filings with the authorities as part of our ongoing retainer arrangement

We have also delivered projects for a mortgage supplier and advised them on their marketing & sales transformation

Our AI and blockchain products are most suited for the financial services industry e.g. AI chatbots and machine learning tools in conjunction with our partner’s proven blockchain once all deployed will truly set you for a highly digitalized advanced environment. 



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We have served construction industry by helping material suppliers (midsized and large) with their process and sales transformation.

We also continue to offer robust blockchain solutions catered to the construction industry defined by its multiparty environment.

Please explore our blockchain solutions specifically customized for construction industry



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Consumer Electronics

We have served a large consumer electronics manufacturer with conducting market research for their product launch in South Asian markets.

Our research was conducted based on qualitative and quantitative research methods. And findings helped the client with their go-to-market strategy. 



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The principle has delivered projects for two major US based energy companies in the utilities and oil & gas sector respectively.

We delivered strategic planning project for these energy players and helped put a robust strategic process used for their long range planning process as part of their FP&A.

Our AI and blockchain tools can help drive the digitization for some of the large utility giants given the large volume of customer base.


Food & Beverages

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Food & Beverages

We have delivered a process design engagement for a UAE based F&B chain.

Our engagement helped put the processes, policies and procedures for the client organization.

Our AI tools can help clients experience a greater level of automation in areas such as order fulfilment and customer service.



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The principle has delivered projects for a large US public University on the implementation of their Kuali, a web based electronic research system as part of inter-university research collaborative environment.

Our AI tools can help drive the meaningful automation at these large educational institutions given the large volume of student base and their resulting inquiries and complaints about issues related to admissions, test results, scheduling, transcript requests, enrollment verification, tuition fees receipt etc.



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We have delivered a market research assignment for a large FMCG which was utilized for better understanding of the consumer tastes and preferences.

This qualitative and quantative research was instrumental in helping the brand managers with a tailored product launch.

Our blockchain solutions are geared towards the FMCG players in the areas of provenance and transparency.

AI can further bring automation in the customer support and HR recruitment where more mundane and repetitive tasks can be now handed over to our intelligent bots.



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We have delivered an implementation of an audit tool at a multinational courier delivery services company. And advised internal audit team on implementation of audit application, and presented findings to finance leadership

Our AI tools can help drive the meaningful automation at some of the large publically owned transportation companies (e.g. airlines, rail, buses) given the large volume of customer base and resulting customer complaints and inquiries.



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We have delivered a transformation engagement on achieving value-added tax readiness for this UAE’s top-10 aluminum manufacturer.


Oil & Gas

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Oil & Gas

Delivered a robust financial model for a large publically owned oil & gas company in Houston, Texas. The model offered improved rolling forecasts, consolidations and helped the management with long range planning and reporting.



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We have not yet delivered projects for the  government entities but we now have a suite of best in class  technology centric products that are perfectly  suited for governments.

Our AI tools can help drive the meaningful automation at these government departments where government employees are serving a large population of citizens ranging from government issued identification cards, passports, drivers license, business licenses, permits approvals, all of these services overwhelm the most efficient government departments. So we bring these cutting edge AI driven technologies that will improve the efficiency to these departments so they can address these customer complaints and inquiries in the most efficient and cost effective ways.



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We have delivered accounting, strategic planning and tax compliance services to retail chains in the UAE.

We have helped with digital transformation of an emerging retail chain in the UAE. And for the other.



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Delivered people, process and technology review for a pre-IPO technology company in the Silicon Valley.

Interviewed the process owners, identified process gaps, did fit-gap analysis and advised the client on the future state designs



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We have delivered multiple transformation engagements for clients in trading and distribution

We have helped large distribution companies with implementation of processes for the new value-added tax regime. We have also assisted large distribution companies with process en-engineering activities across their entities and identified process and technology gaps and designed future state process flows.



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Our key principal was hired to help the company’s finance and marketing department with drafting this publically listed telecom player’s quarter (Q4) and Annual Report. Performed industry research and analysis for commentary on the operating and financial performance as well as future outlook for the shareholders and investor community

Governance & Compliance


Corporate governance

Our seasoned consulting executives bring a combined experience of over 60 years in the areas of corporate governance and excellence. We will evaluate your corporate governance standards and give you a free opinion on areas to improve to avoid any unforeseen governance violations.


Total quality management

Should you be embarking on a TQM-like program and require expertise in executing it, our advisory team with extensive experience in executing such programs in large diverse settings can play a vital role in delivering meaningful business transformation consulting services.

tax compliance

Tax (VAT) compliance

Our understanding of the FTA’s VAT regulations is evident by our over a dozen VAT implementation projects followed by ongoing VAT specialist advice and compliance support to clients across all major industries in the UAE.


Policies and procedures

We have reviewed policies and procedures for many clients and helped the management implement enhanced processes, procedures and policy manuals to better govern the organizational behavior in line with the leadership vision.


Accounting & Auditing review

Your comfort in your financial reporting comes from fully understanding your accounting cycle; accounting practices and internal control processes all contribute to the quality of your financial reporting.


Risk management

We can advise you on instituting effective risk management practices in your organization. Our financial services advisory services can best assist in this matter as well.


AML Compliance

In an increasingly regulated environment for the banking industry, compliance with areas such as AML is critical and violations often result in swift and steep penalties for the financial institutions. Our banking experts have operational experience of managing compliance for leading global banks and can help review your AML practices and improve where high-risk gaps are identified.

Our Team


Taimoor Hazir

Managing Director, UAE

Wasim Butt

Managing Director, Pakistan

Agha S. Khan

Managing Director, Pakistan

What sets us apart

core focus

Core focus

Our core focus remains on providing hands-on digital transformation consulting service to help clients make effective decisions, achieve complex organizational change with elements entailing people, processes and technology.


Track record

Our principals have a strong track record of having previously delivered on many large scale business transformation and research assignments for organizations in North America, Middle East, and the South East Asia.



We remain fully committed to understanding leadership’s vision for a change through deeper c-suite engagement. Thereafter, we engage all relevant stakeholders across the hierarchy and build cross-functional teams to steer effective execution and change towards desired objectives.



Based on our clients’ feedback, our work product and its quality are deemed to be at par with the leading global firms offering digital transformation consultancy service, and our role then evolves into operating as our clients’ trusted advisor.